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Psychologist or Psychotherapist?

What are the differences, and what services do I offer?

I am a licensed psychologist FSP. My services are dedicated to people who need punctual or regular psychological support and those who wish to better understand their mental functioning and modify some of its elements that they find problematic.


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Identifying harmful beliefs, learning to replace them with healthy ones, and actively working on problematic behaviors are the realistic and concrete steps leading to real change. During the sessions, we focus on the possible resolutions of the problems that you decide to address. We aim to find the source of the distress and respond precisely to your unsatisfied, unrecognized need. To stop a vicious circle, it is essential to modify some of its elements. Therapy can help you to recognize these elements, increase awareness, and learn more effective coping strategies.

Of course, you don't have to decide which kind of session will be more relevant to your needs. I usually use the elements from both types either in turns or simultaneously. Our sessions are dedicated entirely to you. During this time, we work together on the issues that you decide to address, in your own rhythm and according to your individual needs, preferences, and situation. I am here to help you uncover these elements of your functioning that remain difficult to access and that, for whatever reason, cause you some sort of sorrow. I offer you my full attention and genuine interest in your unique, individual perspective of the world.

My methods

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During the sessions, we focus on your emotions and coping strategies. Giving words to our feelings leads to awareness and a better understanding of what is happening in our minds. It helps to release tension and regain insight. A more peaceful mind, in turn, becomes open to learning new skills and growing. Whether you feel like things got hard lately, you're dealing with a distressing life event, or you need a safe space and gentle guidance to process difficult emotions, you have come to the right place.

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------------- Psychotherapy -------------

Psychotherapy is a form of treatment for diverse mental disorders (such as depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, etc). It can be proposed only by those health professionals who finished or are currently in post-graduate training in psychotherapy. 

I am a licensed psychologist and a member of the Swiss Federation of Psychologists, but I am not a psychotherapist. If you think that you might be suffering from a mental disorder, psychotherapy would be a more appropriate form of help for you.

Nevertheless, waiting time to specialists can be several weeks long. If you need a counseling session while waiting to begin psychotherapy, we can still meet and talk, so you are not left alone during this hard moment of your life.

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