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Why meeting online?

Psychological sessions online meet the needs of those for whom coming to the psychologist's office in person is either impossible or very complicated.

Perhaps you travel a lot or take care of little kids at home. Or maybe you are a student who works the weekends, and you could really use some time at home. Perhaps you don't have easy access to transport means. Or you recently broke your leg, had surgery, or don't want to leave home for any other reason.

Of course, it's also nice to meet with the psychologist in person, sit in the cozy chairs in a quiet little office, be offered a cup of tea and a tissue box, and have a face-to-face talk with all the nonverbal elements of human communication. But there are periods in our lives when such an option is either impossible or requires too much sacrifice. 

To address these obstacles and offer help to a broader range of people, I offer both, in-person and online meetings. The essence of our meetings is not the cup of tea or the possibility of shaking hands. The essence is the conversations we have, the authenticity, the commitment, and the fact of being present here and now.

A good internet connection and a device with an online camera are all you need to start seeing a psychologist without leaving home. So if this format appeals to you, locate a quiet, comfortable spot in your home, book an appointment and wait for me on skype with your own cup of tea and any comforting accessory that helps you relax.

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