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Aleksandra Jeka

Psychologist FSP
Zurich & Online

If you struggle with

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Coping strategies

🧯 emotion regulation

🧯 coping strategies

🧯 defensive mechanisms

🧯 problematic behaviors

🧯 overwhelming emotional

states (recurrent moments of great fear, anger, or sadness)

ADHD, Autism, HSP, Giftedness

🧠 Psychoeducation

🧠 Accommodation strategies 

🧠 Unmasking management

Relationships with other people

💔 assertiveness

💔 fear of being abandoned

💔 grief, loss

Close relationships

 💔 emotional dependency
 💔 avoidance, sabotaging
 💔 emotional communication

Relationship with the self

🩹 self-esteem, self-worth

🩹 sense of identity

🩹 contact with the inner child

     (and the inner critic)

🩹 feeling of being confused,

     lost, empty...


🏳️‍🌈 minority stressors

🏳️‍🌈 sexual identity

🏳️‍🌈 attitude towards own
     sexual orientation

Recycled Paper

Aleksandra Jeka (she/her)

Although childhood experiences contribute to shaping our beliefs and attitudes, it is possible to reverse their influences, unlearn unhealthy patterns, and replace them with self-care, awareness, and boundaries.​

I specialize in difficulties with emotion regulation, interpersonal relationships but also relationship with oneself. I base my methods on the cognitive-behavioral approach and emotion-focused therapy. I am personally and professionally sensitive to difficulties encountered by sexual minorities LGBTQ+, neurodivergent adults and expats.


I help my patients get in touch with their inner child, learn how to recognize their emotions, validate them, and autoregulate in a safe, healthy way. We work together on the problematic behaviors and beliefs relying on openness, kindness, and lack of judgment.

Born in Poland, graduated in Switzerland :




What I offer

Holding Plant

Safe Space

Rock Balancing

​Coaching for Neurodivergence

Holding Hands

Emotion Focused
Couple Therapy

I offer you a safe space, where your feelings will be heard and validated, where you are unconditionally accepted and appreciated for who you are, and where you can safely process difficult experiences with my help but in your own rhythm. 

I offer psychoeducation to help you understand the mechanisms underlying your unique mental functioning. We seek a healthier balance by learning about your needs and finding efficient coping strategies. You get to know yourself better, learn to recognize the symptoms, and apply healthy solutions under challenging situations.

I help couples to build or restore emotional communication and proximity. I help them learn how to communicate their needs and feelings and listen to each other—sharing insecurities and accepting to be vulnerable help in becoming less defensive. In times of distress, partners turn from rivals to each other's source of support and resolve the conflicts together.

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Practical information


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Once you make sure that your supplementary insurance covers the sessions with a psychologist or you decide to pay by yourself, you are welcome to choose a convenient term and book an appointment online.



Aleksandra Jeka Psychologue FSP
Banhofstrasse 94
8001 Zürich

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